It’s my first time at the annual conference of the American Translators Association.

My presentation covers the business of migration from Africa to Europe and the role of interpreters and translators in managing this phenomenon.

Let alone the humanitarian suffering and tragedy, illegal migrations are a very lucrative business for the organized crime.

Illegal migration from Africa to Europe earns organized crime about $13 billion a year, 800,000 of which is from the crossing the Sahara desert alone.

Did you know that more people are dying in the desert than crossing the Mediterranean?
Illegal migration generates slavery that affects 30 million people around the world. Once enslaved, people generate additional profits, especially in the area of sexual exploitation, totaling $35 billion a year.

Interpreters and translators play their part in every step of the process from aboard the ship that rescues the migrants at sea to the finalization of the asylum process. They help build relationships and support different stakeholders as they play their part.



My Presentation

My presentation covered the following topics:

  • Migrations as a global phenomenon:
    • Why is Africa poor? Is it?
    • Migrating to Europe (Regulatory Framework and Policies)
  • The Role of Interpreters and Translators


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